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       Production practice of Chopin


       Ecological environment protection


       Chopin adheres to the principle of reasonable management of energy and water resources, recycling waste before consumption and reducing packaging, so as to minimize the harm of Chopin's operation facilities to the environment


       Ecological environment protection


       Climate and energy


       Chopin adheres to the principle of reducing energy consumption and switching to renewable energy to solve climate change. In addition, Chopin tries to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in Chopin's overall value chain, including Chopin's three manufacturing bases in Switzerland and Germany, 14 subsidiaries and more than 65 stores.


       Chopin's Swiss factory has achieved 100% renewable power supply. In 2010, Chopin's fleurier ebauches manufacturing base completed the largest building renovation project in nasartal, Switzerland, and obtained the minergie low energy building certification. In addition, Chopin has set up a special system to monitor the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the consumption of water and electricity.



       In 2013, Chopin signed an agreement with the Swiss government to set targets for controlling energy consumption and significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. To this end, Chopin took a series of measures, including comprehensive energy conversion from fuel to gas, window insulation, extensive installation of LED lights and other infrastructure transformation procedures, which greatly promoted carbon dioxide emission reduction.


       environmental protection




       Water is the most precious resource on earth. In Chopard Chopin, Chopin is committed to the implementation of responsible water resources management, not only in Chopin's production base, but also in the whole supply chain. Chopin closely monitors all water consumption, establishes a water recycling system in the plant, and conducts wastewater treatment according to local legal standards.


       Chopin's water consumption


       Since 2019, Chopard Chopin has installed a closed-loop machine cooling system in one of the most environmentally affected workshops, significantly reducing water consumption.


       Chopin also carried out a supply chain assessment to investigate whether Chopin's main mines for gold raw materials are located in water shortage areas.


       Among Chopin's four major gold suppliers in Latin America, two are located in Arequipa, Peru, where the benchmark water pressure index is high, that is, the ratio of total water intake to renewable water supply is too high. However, these mines have taken action to manage water resources responsibly as a result of their participation in the "responsible procurement program" (certified as "fair mining", or in the "improved gold" initiative or the Swiss Federation for improved gold).


       This will not have any negative impact on the water supply of local communities, and a mine in Peru has even achieved 100% water reuse rate and collected rainwater to supply water for mining operations.


       Use of chemicals


       To minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment and health, Chopin set up an internal committee to study and promote the use of alternative materials and substances.


       Chopin tried to replace chemicals and potentially harmful substances with less influential substances as far as possible. For example, 77% of Chopin's machines have replaced lubricants with substitutes without any danger signs, reducing the harm to the environment and human health.


       environmental protection




       In order to reduce the overall impact on the environment, Chopin closely monitored the waste generated in the operation process. Following the slogan of "reduce – reuse – recycle", Chopin has established a complete set of recycling programs, enabling nearly 30 different materials to be recycled and reused.


       environmental protection




       Chopard Chopin insisted on improving the packaging materials of his products. At present, Chopin's wristwatches and jewelry products are made of materials certified by FSC, Oeko tex environmental standards and PEFC.



       All Chopard Chopin's marketing and promotional materials, as well as all shopping bags and packaging materials in the store, are made of FSC certified paper.

       此外,萧邦也在寻求更多地采用环境影响较低的替代材料。例如,萧邦的胡桃木包装盒采用的材料包括:经FSC认证的木材、水性清漆和胶水、再生纸和纸板,以及可无限循环使用的不锈钢铰链和紧固系统。萧邦的Animal World系列产品包装盒由FSC认证木材和100%天然丝绸制成。

       In addition, Chopin is also looking for more alternative materials with lower environmental impact. Chopin's Walnut box, for example, uses FSC certified wood, water-based varnish and glue, recycled paper and cardboard, and stainless steel hinges and fastening systems that can be recycled indefinitely. Chopin's animal world series packaging boxes are made of FSC certified wood and 100% natural silk.


       Chopin's shopping bags have no plastic film on them for paper recycling, while the lifting cord is made of soft cotton to ensure that they are 100% plastic free.

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